Nutrition for Endurance Athletics

Dec 31

iStock_000001537138_LargeEndurance athletics have continued to grow more popular over the last few years with events like the Ironman and Tough Mudder getting more attention than ever. These events do put the body to the test in every way possible, and anyone who wishes to be involved absolutely must eat the right foods. That’s because food is energy and you certainly cannot endure the events without that energy. So, here are some nutrition tips you can follow in order to ensure your body is ready for any endurance athletics you plan on getting involved in.


Eat healthy every day. Of course, you have to really focus on your diet right before the event, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore your nutritional needs the rest of the time. In fact, staying healthy will ensure your body is better prepared. When you look at your everyday meals, they should follow these rules:

  • They need to have lots of fruits and vegetables.
  • They should contain lean meats.
  • They need plenty of complex carbohydrates.
  • They should not have junk foods or fatty foods.
  • The beverages should not contain much caffeine or alcohol.

These should be rules you follow all the time, not just when you are getting ready for an endurance athletics event.

Another thing you simply must do is always eat breakfast. It is so easy and tempting to skip this first meal of the day, but your body actually needs it, and breakfast will provide fuel to get you through the morning.

Do not worry constantly about your weight. When you are entering into endurance athletics competitions, you cannot be malnourished just because you were trying to stay thin. You will lose muscle mass and you will be much weaker. So, make sure you’re eating enough. If you are eating only healthy meals, then you aren’t going to start putting on the pounds.

Make sure you are staying hydrated without drinking too much water. Overhydrating can make you feel bad, but under-hydrating is worse. Your body needs water to function and you need to provide it with the liquid.

If you plan on getting involved with endurance athletics, then your nutrition goes beyond the couple of days before the event. You have to consider your meals all through the week, month and year. Otherwise, trying to eat healthy just a few days will not give your body what it needs to handle the extremely tough competitions.

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