The New Microsoft Band: How Does It Stack Up?

Dec 02

The New Microsoft Band: How Does It Stack Up?

Microsoft Health is a cloud-based fitness service that helps a person live healthier. The service provides insights into a person’s health by gathering data from various fitness devices and apps that are used on a daily basis. Through activity tracking bands like the new Microsoft Band, smartwatches and mobile phone services, Microsoft Health will provide valuable feedback to help a person reach their fitness goals.


The Microsoft Band is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows-based devices. The band tracks the wearer’s all-day heart rate and has a vast array of smart notifications. The device has a built in GPS system for runners and can download different workout suggestions.

With tons of fitness bands and smartwatches on the market, the Microsoft Band aspires to offer the wearer the best of both worlds. Other devices have tried to do this but failed. The Microsoft Band is trying to set itself apart from the competitors; it has a wide array of exercise modes, standalone GPS and gets more notifications than other smartwatches in the same class. Priced around $200, the band is only available in the U.S. for the time being, but it’s competitively priced when compared to other fitness bands and smartwatches.

The Microsoft Band has its benefits and drawbacks. The band has no give, which means it will either fit or it won’t. Notifications like text messages and emails pop up and the wearer can navigate the menu through swiping and touching the screen. There are two small buttons on the side of the band, one is for turning on the display and the other is for activating the tracking capabilities.

Despite all the apps a wearer can have on it, the Microsoft Band is first and foremost a fitness-tracking device. The device is easy to use, even for people who are not experienced with fitness bands. Though the Microsoft Band comes with many features and abilities, it’s best for those who enjoy running, but not for those seeking to add more fitness to their daily routine. With the release of the band, Microsoft has taken a promising first step towards wearable fitness devices and comes out a winner!




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