Intra-Workout Supplementation

Nov 28

Intra-Workout Supplementation

Taking supplements for workout enhancement has changed a lot in recent years. Some of the rules that were in effect years ago are now obsolete. Some of the things that were thought to be wrong in the past are now considered right. Through increased research and better technology, bodybuilders can now use better methods and practices for using intra-workout supplementation for optimal results.


Protein is a very important part of the human diet and it’s needed for the health and maintenance of body tissues, including muscle. The latest research on intra-workout supplementation may change the way many people work out and build muscle.

Exercise causes the body to increase blood flow to the muscles, thereby also increasing the delivery of amino acids to skeletal muscle. Concurrently, cellular sensitivity is increased in order to enable the muscles to get bigger. High amounts of amino acids are present in the blood stream during a workout, and in turn, the anabolic response of building muscle is greatly increased. Using intra-workout supplementation can help boost recovery time, decrease muscle discomfort and delay muscle fatigue.

People are no longer turning to water or sports drinks packed with sugar; instead, they using intra-workout supplementation to enhance the results of their post workout recovery. It’s very important to remember that during a high-intensity workout is not the time to be digesting intact protein because it pulls blood away from the muscles and into the stomach.

Taking a supplement during a workout can help enhance a person’s performance and provide energy and amino acids to the muscle tissue. Consuming intra-workout supplements will help to improve and increase muscle activity and recovery and it helps to maximize your workout results. Failing to take care of your body with the use of the appropriate nutrients will lead to the degeneration of muscle tissues. If you want to pack on more lean muscle, you need to control insulin concentration through proper nutrition.

In a study done by the Charles Sturt University in Australia, researchers found intra-workout supplementation led to greater muscle gain and muscle fiber expansion. With overwhelming evidence that supports the benefits of intra-workout supplementation, you can be confident that adding these to your repertoire will most definitely yield positive results.




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