Do Heart Rate Monitors Really Help You Reach Your Goals?

Oct 27

Heart rate monitors are all the rage right now among health conscious exercisers, but many wonder if these wearables really provide any benefits that help them reach their fitness goals. The truth is, heart rate monitors do provide many benefits, and they can be the difference between successfully meeting your goals and giving up within just a few weeks. Keep reading to find out some of the best ways that a heart monitor can help you achieve your fitness goals.


Maintain Motivation – The number one reason people fail in achieving their fitness goals is that they do not see the results they were hoping for. A heart monitor helps you see whether you are exercising too lightly or too intensely. If your heart rate doesn’t raise, you won’t lose the weight, and if it’s too high you will exhaust yourself before you really get started. Both of these kill motivation, and may make you give up.

Keeps You on Track – Some people tend to go into zombie mode when exercising, which means intensity levels may drop without them noticing. A heart rate monitor alerts you when you are performing under your target rate, so you can wake up and drop those pounds.

Helps Prevent Injury – If you exercise at consistently high intensity levels, you are increasing the amount of stress you are placing on your body. At the same time, you are also drastically increasing your chances for injury and even illness if you push yourself to the point of overheating or exhaustion. Monitoring your heart will make sure you are aware of exactly how hard you are working out so you can make the adjustments needed to see great results.

Shows Your Progress – It takes much longer to notice the physical changes that exercise does for your body than it does internal ones. A heart rate monitor will help you see the improvements in your cardiovascular health so you can eliminate those feelings that you just aren’t doing enough.

A good heart rate monitor provides many benefits for those at every fitness level. If you are tired of less than great results, it may be just the thing you need to get going.


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