Can DNA Testing Help You Make Better Fitness Nutrition Goals?

Dec 31

Woman Eating Meal In KitchenWe have all known for a very long time that genetics can play a role in fitness. Some people are more genetically inclined to struggle with their weight. Some people are more prone to high cholesterol and high blood pressure even if they aren’t overweight. When it comes to exercise and fitness nutrition, it really does matter what your parents were like and what their parents were like too.


Essentially, we are not made from some type of cookie cutter mold that assures we’re all very similar. Every human body is different and every person has different needs when it comes to staying fit and healthy. You have probably seen this in action a few times. You may exercise the same way and just as much as your friend, but somehow, they stay fit and you have put on some extra pounds, or perhaps the vice versa is true.

Why does one routine and diet work for one person and not the other? The answer is in the DNA. Your DNA is distinct and it is a combination of you and you parents as well as the people before them. How you are able to lose weight and how your body functions to stay fit depends heavily on DNA.

At least, that’s what one fitness center believes, and that is why they are offering DNA testing. At Motions Fitness in Marquette, Michigan, DNA testing is being offered as a way to determine how each person should work out and what they need to change for their fitness nutrition.

According to a spokesperson from the gym, the test will look at 33 different genes that will help each individual determine how they can plan their exercises to make the most of their body and it will help them determine what foods they need to eat and what needs to be eliminated for their diet.

Right now, this is not a widespread idea, but if fitness centers like Motions Fitness become popular, you will likely see more DNA testing in more locations. After all, you are a unique person and you need to plan your fitness nutrition and workouts based specifically on what your body needs. There is no cookie cutter answer to getting in shape when it comes to exercise or diet, but your genes can help point you in the right direction if you find out what your body needs.

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